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2021 NFL First Round Best Picks

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Okayyyyy, let's breakdown some of the best picks from the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft. These teams got themselves game-changers.

  • The New York Jets might be the biggest winner in Round 1. They get their franchise QB with Zach Wilson and added one of the safest picks of the first round at #14 in USC G, Alijah Vera-Tucker.

  • Teams that drafted WR's to pair with QBs that had previously played with WRs in this year's draft, First example is Jamar Chase to Cincinnati to recreate the production between Chase and Joe Burrow at LSU. Yes, we thought Cincy would add protection for Burrow, especially considering he got blown up, prematurely ending his rookie season, with no pass pro. But if Burrow can manage to stay upright, Chase is a beast downfield receiver that can break tackles to create TDs out of nothing. Check out that combo in the highlights below.

  • In that same vain, we LOVE Jaylen Waddle to Miami to reunite Waddle with Tua. Waddle is indeed the next coming of Tyreek Hill. The Dolphins can move Waddle around in the offensive set to get him the ball multiple ways. His ability in the return game is another difference-maker. Checkout his highlight video below. He looks like a guy in Madden playing on All-Madden versus a bunch of guys on Rookie setting. If he didn't go down due to injury this past season he may have ended up winning the Heisman over Devonta Smith.

  • The Eagles trade up to get in front of Divisional rivals, NY Giants, to snatch up Devonta Smith was devious and we love it. Fantastic move by Philly to go get another Bama receiver that previously played with their QB, Jalen Hurts. Smith's Heisman speaks for itself, but in case you forgot, here you go. The Slim Reaper makes everything look way too easy. Smooth Reaper might be a more accurate nickname.

  • The most ridiculous pick of the night might be the one that Head Coach Bill Belichick wanted the entire offseason. The Patriots sat "Pat" and the most NFL ready QB in Jones dropped right into their lap at #15. You'll notice that the highlights above were primarily provided by Mr. Big Mac. The Washington Football Team really missed a huge opportunity to move up in front of New England to land Jones, but tis the life of a WFT fan.

  • Tennessee patiently waiting and grabbing what could have been the top defensive player in the draft if not for injury concerns is kinda crazy. VA Tech CB Caleb Farley is a tall, lanky defensive back that flashes hard on tape. Check out this guy's highlight tape.

  • The second of back-to-back Virginia Tech players selected, in OT Christian Darrisaw is our last steal of the first round. This guy slipping to Minnesota, after a trade back, at #23 is insane. Darrisaw has a chance to be the best OT to come out of this draft. We're looking forward to watching his smooth athleticism either moving to the second level on run blocks or making pass pro look easy.

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