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Washington Wizards Don't Wanna Win Game 5

Halfway through the third quarter of Game 5 in Philly it's become painfully apparent that the Washington Wizards do not want to extend this series.

Gifted a golden opportunity to steal a game in Philly with MVP candidate, Joel Embiid, out of the game due to a partially torn meniscus, the Wizards are playing like this is a midweek regular season game with nothing on the line. With 3 minutes left in the 3rd the Wizards have turned the ball over 14 times, and a lot of those turnovers have been unforced errors. Bradley Beal is shooting the lights out, and Russell Westbrook is filling up the box score, but both players have been careless with the ball. God love em, but it's just not meant to be this year.

The most heart-wrenching part of all this is that the Philadelphia 76ers are basically beating a Wizards team (once again the Wizards have BRADLEY BEAL and RUSSELL WESTBROOK) with Tyrese Maxey and Seth Curry. Seth, not Steph...Just let that sink in for a second.

This is a D.C., Maryland and Virginia fan blog, but with the season on the line it's hard to sugar coat what's playing out on the hardwood tonight.

It's been fantastic what Scott Brooks has been able to get out of a roster that doesn't scare anyone on paper, minus Beal and Westbrook, but his in-game situational substitutions, or lack thereof, is atrocious. Losing Davis Bertans for the playoffs, as cruel as it may sound, was a blessing in disguise. Throughout the end of the season and in this playoff series, Brooks fell in love with leaving Davis Bertans in for the last 5 minutes of every game. Sure, Bertans hits maybe 3 threes a game, if we're lucky, but his shot selection is comparable to Ted Cruz's choice to align himself to an Orange Man that called Cruz's wife ugly. Just no conscious. And what's worse is that Bertans is a massive liability on defense. The blow by is automatic. Oh and Bertans averaged 2 rebounds during the regular season at 6'10.

As humiliating as it will be to lose to a team without their MVP, combined with the 76ers (that's an NBA team) NBA PG shooting 25% from the FREE THROW LINE coming into Game 5 (Again, an NBA PG is shooting 25% from the charity strike. That has to be historic.), there is hope for your Washington Wizards next season. We get Beal and Westbrook back. Gafford has been a revelation. Rui is the future for sure. And oh by the way, Thomas Bryant was averaging 14 points and 6 rebounds a game before his season-ending injury. Plus this year's draft is deep.

Better days ahead Wizards fans!

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